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Simple Survey Custom Survey Questions


Out of the box, Simple Survey includes two questions, a rating or score, and a free-form comment. Simple Survey supports additional survey questions, and even multiple sets of questions. For example, you can define discrete questions for Cases and Projects or add an "I wish to be contacted: Yes/No" question to one or many surveys. You can even define different questions for the same object based on criteria.


In this example we will create an additional question (How Convenient was the RMA Process?) and we'll only present that question when the Case field RMA__c contains a value. We'll also create a question (Would you like to be contacted about this experience?)

  1. Add a custom field to the Survey custom object.
  2. Create a new Field Set and include the desired fields.
  3. Configure Field Level Security (FLS) for new fields/questions.
  4. Clone the included Email Template and customize to reference the Field Set.
  5. Create a Workflow Rule and Email Alert with additional criteria for RMA__c.

Create custom fields for your survey question under the survey custom object

  • Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects and select Survey.
  • Scroll down to Custom Fields & Relationships and click New.
  • Choose Picklist for the type and click Next.
  • Label the field with a descriptive name and place the question in the Help Text. The Help Text will be displayed to the survey taker. The field Label and Description are for internal use only and the field Label will be displayed in Salesforce analytics.
    • Field Label: RMA Convenience
    • Values: Exceeded My Expectations, As Expected, Worse Than Expected (each on its own line)
    • Description: (optional)
    • Help Text: How Convenient was the RMA Process? 
Custom Field Configuration
  • Click Next.
  • Establish field-level security, then click Next. Note that an additional step is required to configure field-level security for external survey takers through the Simple Survey Guest User.
  • Select the page layouts this field will display on, then click Save.
  • Repeat this step from the beginning to create the "Would you like to be contacted about this experience?" question.
    • Field Label: Contact Requested
    • Values: No, Yes (each on its own line)
    • Description: (optional)
    • Help Text: Would you like to be contacted about this experience?

Set Field Level Security for Simple Survey Guest User

The Simple Survey Profile controls the security enforced for external survey takers. The steps vary by the user interface you have enabled in Salesforce.

Standard Profile User Interface:

User-added image

  • Navigate to Setup > Develop > Sites and click on the Site Label for the Simple Survey Site Detail page, click on the Public Access Settings button.
  • Locate the Field-Level Security section and click View next to Survey.
  • Click the Edit button.
  • Check the Visible option for the fields added earlier. Leave the Read-Only unchecked.
  • Click Save.

Enhanced Profile User Interface:

User-added image

  • Navigate to Setup > Develop > Sites and click on the Site Label for the Simple Survey Site Detail page, click on the Public Access Settings button. Type "Surveys" in the Find Settings box and select it under Object Settings.
  • Click the Edit button in the Field Permissions section, check the boxes under Edit for the custom fields added earlier.
  • Click Save.

Create or Update a Field Set with the questions to be displayed to the survey taker
If you intend to have just 1 survey with a single set of question, you can use the update the Field Set provided with the package. Create a new field set if you intend to vary the questions.
  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects and select Survey.
  2. Under the Field Set section click New, or Edit on the packaged Field Set and skip to step 5.
  3. Give the new Field Set a Label, Name and optionally note where it will be used.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Drag and Drop the new survey question field(s) under the ‘In the Field Set’ section.
  6. Click "Field Set Properties" and note the Field Set Name (not label). In this example, it would be something like "Cases_w_RMA". The exact Field Set Name will be specified in the Email Template below, once for each possible response. 
Field Set Config Screenshot
  • Click Save.

Clone an Email Template that references the new survey questions
Note: If you'd like to create a new template that references your new field set, you might consider using the Simple Survey Template Builder.

Surveys are rendered and recorded based on the URL parameters set within the email template.

Navigation to Setup > Communication Templates > Email Templates and select the Simple Survey folder.
Clone the "Simple Survey: Case, Account and Contact" email template provided and use that as starting point.
Give it a new Email Template Name and Template Unique Name and a new Description; click Save.

Clone Email Template
  • Click the Edit HTML Version button.
  • Within the template we are going to scroll about halfway down the page to where you see the following email verbiage. You can change the language used to be relevant to what the survey is about.  
User-added image

  • For each survey response in the email template, the URL parameters need &fieldSet=[fieldset name] appended as pictured below. In this example, we'll use &fieldSet=Cases_w_RMA
  • If you have 5 survey responses (ex: 1-5 stars), you need to append &fieldSet=Cases_w_RMA 5 times.
Survey Email Template
  • Click Save.

Finally, Configure Workflow Rules to Send the Email Template

The trick to getting survey takers the correct survey is which email template you send. With the Simple Survey Workflow Extension package installed (see the Setup Wizard for details), follow these guidelines:
  1. Clone your existing Workflow Rule and add criteria. For example, RMA is not blank
  2. Add a new Email Alert that uses the new Email Template created above.
  3. Update your existing Workflow Rule with criteria the reverse of that specified above. For example, RMA is blank.
  4. Activate the new Workflow Rule
Workflow Rule Screenshot
Internet Creations can provide support for the specific example above. For further assistance, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Internet Creations account executive to inquire about professional services.


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