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Simple Survey Field Reference



Survey Object
Field LabelAPI NameField Description
Accountsimplesurvey__Account__cRelates the Survey to an Account.
Casesimplesurvey__Case__cRelates the Survey to a Case.
Contactsimplesurvey__Contact__cRelates the Survey to a Contact.
Net Promoter Systemsimplesurvey__Net_Promoter_System__cIf the survey score is a six or below, this will be set to "Detractor".  If the score is seven or eight, it will be "Passive".  A nine or a ten will set the field to "Promoter".
NPS® Factorsimplesurvey__NPS_Factor__cUsed in reports and dashboards to calculate the Net Promoter Score®.  Set to -1 for Detractors, 0 for Passives, and 1 for Promoters.
Rating Scalesimplesurvey__Rating_Scale__cEither a 1-5 or 0-10 rating scale for the survey record.
Record Ownersimplesurvey__Record_Owner__cRelates to the User who owns the Account/Case/Contact that the survey was sent from.
Survey Commentssimplesurvey__Survey_Comments__cThe standard text field for customer feedback in the survey landing page.
Survey Scoresimplesurvey__Survey_Score__cThe survey score itself, with possible values being between zero and ten.
Statussimplesurvey__Status__cThis field will be used to track the status of a survey and is reserved for future use.
IP Addresssimplesurvey__IP_Address_2__cRecords the IP Address of the survey submitter.
Referrer    simplesurvey__Referrer__cThe URL of the page prior to the survey landing page loading.
User Agent    simplesurvey__User_Agent__cThe user agent of the survey submitter (name, version and platform of the browser).
Case Object
Field NameAPI NameDescription
Survey Sentsimplesurvey__Survey_Sent__cFor tracking the most recent survey date on the Case. 

Contact Object
Field NameAPI NameDescription
Survey Last Requested Onsimplesurvey__Survey_Last_Requested_On__cFor tracking the most recent survey date on the Case that the Contact is related to.  This field can be utilized in local automation to prevent "survey fatigue" for Case Contacts.

Net Promoter, Net Promoter System, Net Promoter Score, and NPS are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld and are being used under license.


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