Simple Survey Release Notes 1.80 - 1.85

What's New

  • Simple Survey support for custom objects (1.80)
  • Workflow extension package includes a new feature to track surveys on a contact. (1.81)
  • Post-install script to configure initial custom settings when application is first installed. (1.81)


  • Reimplemented Simple Survey to check for duplicate surveys related to custom objects. (1.81)
Simple Survey will check each field on the URL to see if a record (within the past 24 hour) with those fields exists already.
- New custom setting to set time in minutes to check for duplicate surveys. (Default value is 1440 minutes.)   
  • Moved a trigger from extension package to the main package withing Simple Survey. (1.83)

Bugs Fixed

  • Patched issue related to checking for duplicate surveys within a 24 hour period. (1.81)
- Will include the time with the date to accurately determine if a survey has passed the 24 hour time frame.
  • Patched issue related to installing Simple Survey in a sandbox environment and not being able to include the extension package. (1.85)
  • Patched issue related to inadequate code coverage when installing the extension package. (1.83)
  • Patched issue with users being able to submit duplicate surveys if the score were different.

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