Simple Survey Release Notes 1.88

What's New

  • Prevent Duplicates: Avoid duplicate survey records from double clicks and user error. You can set the time (in minutes) in which identical (ex: same Contact and Case or User and Custom Object, etc.) survey records should be treated as duplicate. Prevent Duplicates is disabled by default to avoid confusion during implementation and to make testing more convenient. Duplicate checking is configured in the Setup Wizard within the Optional Setup section. (1.88)
  • Avoid Survey Fatigue: Over-surveying a single person can introduce survey fatigue, which can lower response rates. Simple Survey can track when you last sent a survey to a Case Contact so you can consider it in your Workflow criteria. This functionality is offered out-of-the-box for Case Contacts and can be configured in the Setup Wizard within the Optional Setup section. (1.88)


  • The Submit Updates button is now hidden when there are no fields on the survey landing page and you are capturing only a rating / score from an email click. For example, if you remove the optional Comments field, there is no longer an erroneous button at the bottom of the page. (1.88)

Bugs Fixed

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