Simple Survey Release Notes 1.95 - 2.00

What's New

  • Simple Survey now offers multi-language support using the Translation Workbench. Translate the general text on the survey landing page, the survey questions (as defined in the help text), as well as the values within picklists. See the Simple Survey documentation for more detail and configuration instructions. (1.95)
  • To improve customer experience, we've added the option to display picklist values as radio buttons on the Simple Survey landing page. Radio buttons provide a more common and effortless method to select a response, and the feature has been optimized for use on a mobile device. This setting can be enabled from within the setup wizard. (1.96)
  • Building a survey is simpler than ever with the new Simple Survey Template Generator. This configuration page walks users through the creation of a survey from start to finish, and allows you to customize your survey to suit your specific business needs in fewer steps and with less clicks. (1.98-2.00)


Bugs Fixed

  • Users will no longer experience the following error when a custom logo has not been configured, or if the default logo Document is replaced with a non-image file: "Ending position out of bounds: -1 Error is in expression '{!refresh}' in page simplesurvey:simple_survey_setup". (1.96)

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