Simple Survey Release Notes 2.12 - 2.13

What's New


  • Simple Survey Setup will now expand last 3 sections once the Default Web Address is populated [Change 109410] (2.12)
  • Simple Survey Setup section headers are now clickable to expand / collapse [Change 109410] (2.12)

Bugs Fixed

  • The Template Builder will now display standard objects that have been renamed. (2.12)
  • Field set requirement is honored for pick lists when displayed as radios [Change 108803] (2.12)
  • Template Builder will now order survey score links by highest score first [Change 109247] (2.12)
  • Simple Survey Setup will no longer show a BLOB is not a valid UTF-8 string error on the SSL (NA0) instance of Salesforce. [Change 110043] (2.12)
  • Template Builder will no longer incorrectly order links highest first when the 0-10 Scale is selected. This fixes a regression introduced in 2.12. [Change 00111176] (2.13)

Known Issues


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