Simple Survey Release Notes 2.14 - 2.19

What's New

  • A new option in setup to display multi-select pick-lists as check boxes is available. [Change 111441] (2.14)
  • A global setting has been added to layout check boxes and radios horizontally [Change 112248] (2.15)
  • New odc=true URL parameter will now override the duplicate check [Change 114024] (2.19)


  • Required field error message is more noticeable [Change 111477] (2.14)
  • New drop down in setup to select an externally available image document to use for the simple survey logo [Change 111552] (2.14)
  • Display Multi-select Picklist as Check Boxes and checkbox / radio alignment options added to Simple Survey Template Builder [Change 112823] (2.16-2.17)

Bugs Fixed

  • Backward compatibility with rate parameter used in older email templates has been added [Change 113520] (2.18)

Known Issues


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