Simple Survey Release Notes 2.34 - 2.36

What's New


  • Survey Builder can now email template instructions for use with external marketing tools [Change 130080] (2.36)

Bugs Fixed

  • The Bypass Security setting is now honored when submitting feedback via the landing page [Change 129128] (2.34)
  • Various stability improvements and bug fixes to the Survey Builder
    • Picklist display is now honored for new Questionnaire email templates created via Survey Builder regardless of the default settings in all scenarios [Change 127979] (2.34)
    • Question drag / drop will no longer cause a This address isn't valid error in Firefox [Change 128957] (2.34)
    • Custom lookup fields mapped in the Configure Survey Object step will now correctly reference the record id instead of record name [128683] (2.35)
    • Questions having special characters such as "+" in pick-list values will no longer cause an error when saving [128683] (2.35)
    • The Fixed Value input field will no longer be too narrow to view/edit a value on the Configure Survey Object step when Survey Fields having long labels are displayed in the field mapping section [Change 128683] (2.35)
    • An informative message will now be displayed when a user lacks the ModifyAllData permission while using the Survey Builder [Change 128683] (2.35)
    • An error message will now be displayed when attempting to create a survey having the same name as an existing field set on Survey instead of creating a layout and record type first [Change 128683] (2.35)
    • Characters such as ‘&’ will no longer cause survey or field creation to fail [Change 128683] (2.35)
    • Modifying the sections on a survey layout will no longer cause an error when saving after questions are added to a survey in some scenarios [Change 128683] (2.35)
    • Text fields on the object being surveyed can now be mapped to Text Area and Long Text Area fields on Survey [Change 128683] (2.35)
    • Clicking on an uncompleted step from Configure Survey Object or Add Questions will no longer redirect to Choose Survey [Change 128683] (2.35)
    • Attempting to create a question that already exists will no longer incorrectly display an error behind the Add Question dialog [Change 128683] (2.35)

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