Simple Survey Release Notes 2.37 - 2.39

What's New

  • Now it's a cinch to control who sees which surveys using Salesforce Sharing. Survey record ownership can now be configured in the Survey Builder to be variable or fixed. A common use case is that you don't want the case owner (user surveyed) to have visibility to their surveys, but you do want the Case Owner's Manager to have visibility for recognition and coaching. To limit visibility to surveys, a Salesforce administrator with strong working knowledge of Salesforce Sharing will need to set the Organization-Wide Default for the survey object to private ensure field level security is set appropriate in profiles or via permission sets. [Change 131508] (2.37)
  • We've made it easier to match your organization's branding. Background colors can now be applied to the landing page and the email template using the Survey Builder. Additionally, an image can be applied as the landing page background. [Change 131505] (2.37)
  • Hide inactive surveys, but keep the survey data: In the Survey Builder surveys can now be marked inactive to reduce clutter and noise. [Change 131506] (2.37)
  • To reduce administrative effort, Simple Survey licenses are automatically assigned to users associated with surveys. Each time a new survey record is created, Simple Survey will check to see if the Record Owner associated with the survey has been assigned a license. If they are already licensed, no changes are made. If the Record Owner has not yet been assigned a license, Simple Survey will assign that user a license. For additional details, see How many licenses do I need for Simple Survey? [Change 125734] (2.37)


  • The page layouts for new surveys created in Survey Builder now include Owner, Created By, Last Modified By fields as well as the Open Activities, Activity History and Survey History (field tracking) related lists. [Change 131507] (2.37)
  • You can customize your email subject in Survey Builder and no longer need to modify the email template directly.

Bugs Fixed

  • When proceeding to step 3 during initial setup, an alert will be displayed if the step to created the Simple Survey site has not been completed. [Change 132241] (2.37)
  • Duplicate prevention is no longer limited to 1 day and technically now supports up to ~190 years. To prevent a duplicate survey over a 5 day time span, specify 7200 (minutes). [Change 133595] (2.39)

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