Simple Survey Release Notes 2.40 - 2.50

What's New

  • A Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down survey format has been added. Make surveys easier than ever for your customers by providing just two options to rate their overall experience. [Change 138275] (2.40)
  • Global picklist value sets can now be used when creating picklist fields in Survey Builder. Global picklist value sets let you share the values across objects. For information on defining global picklist value sets, see Salesforce Help & Training [Change 139498] (2.40)


  • The logo on the email template & landing page can be customized on a survey-by-survey basis in the Survey Builder. [Change 138276] (2.40)
  • Initial setup is now easier. A button has been added (in step 3.b) that automates several steps, assigning a license and the required permission set to the Site Guest User. [Change 138278] (2.40)
  • Questions (fields) are now editable within the Survey Builder and warning is displayed if the question (field) is used in multiple surveys. Questions can still be edited in Salesforce setup, but no warning is provided if the edit will impact more that one survey. [Change 138281] (2.40)
  • To provide technical insight and aid with troubleshooting, fields for IP Address, User Agent, and Referrer have been added and those "HTTP headers" are captured automatically on each survey record. This data can be used to troubleshoot browser compatibility, detect bots taking surveys, and more. For additional information on HTTP headers, see [Change 138250] (2.40)

Bugs Fixed

  • Using Survey Record Ownership assignment in conjunction with Prevent Duplicates will always work when Bypass Sharing and Security is enabled.  [Change 135140] (2.40)
  • Simple Survey Setup and the Survey Builder will no longer fail to detect the Simple Survey site in organizations with non-English locales. [Change 134900] (2.40)
  • Multi-select questions not displayed as check-boxes on the landing page will now update on the survey record. [Change 138719] (2.40)
  • Resolved issue with Survey Builder step 2 if the survey name contained an ampersand. [Change 139456] (2.40)
  • Field level security will correctly be set for the configuration object when upgrading to a new version. [Change 139836] (2.40)
  • Permission sets correctly contain access to all managed fields. [Change 143258] (2.41)
  • Click Here link in Step 3B of the setup wizard will no longer fail to redirect to the Simple Survey Profile. [Change 00143258] (2.42)
  • Fixed issue with custom landing page images not displaying correctly. [Change 145066] (2.43 - 2.50)
  • Fixed issue with required questions not displaying as required on the Survey Landing page. [Change 145141] (2.44)
  • While using Survey Builder to create questions, questions containing certain characters will no longer display escaped [Change 146232] (2.49)

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