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Simple Survey Release Notes 2.51 - 2.56

What's New

  • Record Type is included in the custom Report Type [Change 148363] (2.55)
  • When selecting User as the surveyed object, you can select the Receiving User for any Lookup (User) fields [Change 148344] (2.55)


Bugs Fixed

  • Pick lists added to the landing page displayed as check boxes or radios having options containing multiple consecutive spaces will no longer prevent update submission [Change 146646] (2.51)
  • Clicking on a different survey score on the landing page will no longer create a duplicate survey instead of updating the existing survey score. This bug originated in 2.49. [Change 147695] (2.54)
  • When using language translations in conjunction with radio or checkbox pick-lists on the landing page, the picklist values will respect translations. This bug originated in 2.49. [Change 147964] (2.54)
  • When proceeding past the Add Questions step of the Survey Builder, questions having certain characters in pick-list values such as "É" will no longer cause a "An error occurred while saving the selected questions" error. [Change 150585] (2.56)

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