Simple Survey Release Notes 2.68 - 3.20

What's New

Styling Updates
  • Simple Survey now offers two new design themes, Light and Dark themes, which replace the previously offered design. [Change 00157981] (2.68 - 3.0)
    • Selected theme will apply to both the survey email template and landing page.
    • Theme style can be selected per each individual survey.
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Improved Survey Navigation 

The following changes were made as part of [Change 00157981] (2.68 - 3.0)
  • Simple Survey now displays one question at a time, allowing survey respondents to stay focused. 
  • Upon response to certain questions types (e.g. Picklist, Checkbox), survey respondents will be automatically directed to the next question. 
  • A progress bar for the Survey can be found at the bottom of the page. 
  • Using a new help menu on the top right of the survey, respondents can review the organization's privacy policy and clear existing responses (options available with the Partial Responses feature enabled).
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Live Preview inside Survey Builder

The following changes were made as part of [Change 00173004] (2.68-3.0)
  • Upon defining a logo, brand color, template language and other configurations, a live preview will be displayed directly within the Survey Builder.
  • Live preview is available to both Email Template and Landing Page configurations.
    • Note: The live preview feature currently does not apply for landing page questions.
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Other New Features
  • Users can now select specific Brand Color which will apply to multiple attributes of Email Template and Landing Page, such as the rating scale and other buttons displayed. [Change 00173004] (2.68-3.0)
  • Simple Survey now offers a Survey Completion redirect feature, allowing survey takers to be redirected to a predetermined page upon submission. [Change 00169321] (2.68-3.0)
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Survey Insights (Open Beta)

The following changes were made as part of [Change 00161484] (3.15)

Survey Insights provides a graphical means to explore customer feedback and compare trends.

Initial scores and picklist questions will display as charts. Text-based questions will display as a Word Cloud to visualize word frequency.

To filter your data, click into individual score / answer choice cells. For example in the image shown below, we've filtered into those survey respondents who provided a score of 7 -10.
Once these scores are selected, the following questions will adjust to show how (or if) those who responded with a score of 7-10 responded to the following questions.

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Each question will display its chart or averages, as a well the number of times the question was answered or skipped.
A list of filters will display on the right side of the screen, serving as a reminder on what specific data has been fiiltered down.

Word Cloud

For text-based questions, a Word Cloud will be used to indicate frequency of specific words used by your customers in survey responses.

  • Larger words indicate a higher frequency of use, while smaller words indicate a lower frequency.
  • The word cloud will adjust based on filters set for other survey questions.
  • Stop words (such as The, A, I, Of, For) have been automatically excluded from word cloud results.


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Mobile Friendly Optimizations

The following changes were made as part of [Change 00173004] (2.68-3.0)
  • Surveys have now been optimized for Mobile Experience.
  • NPS scores will now display vertically instead of horizontally to make scoring easier and prevent accidental rating selections.

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  • When a new survey type is created and the "Diagnostic Tracking" setting is enabled, the Referrer, User Agent, and IP Address fields are automatically included on the page layout for that new survey type. [Change 00167213] (2.69)
  • A new permission set called "Simple Survey Administrator" has been added to provide users who will be administering Simple Survey with access to all packaged objects, fields, tabs, and setup wizard. [Change 00167494] (2.68)
    • Note: In order to create surveys, users must have the standard System Administrator profile or profile permissions listed here.
  • The Survey Builder has been completely redesigned using the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS). [Change 00168336] (2.68)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue with the Survey Builder where having non-English characters in a picklist option could prevent you from continuing past the field selection screen. [Change 00168090] (2.68)
  • Added a check to prevent assigning a new survey to an inactive user. [Change 00165487] (2.68)
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the "Submit" button immediately after typing in a text field would set the survey status to "Partial", not "Completed" when the "Capture Partial Responses" feature is enabled [Change 00167412] (2.68)
  • Fixed issue where extra whitespace found in a question's picklist value would cause an error with submitting landing page responses [Change 00169322] (2.68)
  • Fixed an issue where not including http:// or https:// at the start of your redirect url would result in an authorization error [Change 00171355] (2.69)
  • Resolved an issue with Automatic License Assignment where licenses would not be correctly assigned depending on the site user's permissions.[Change 00171319] (2.69)
  • Resolved landing page compatibility issues with 15 digit IDs vs 18 digit IDs. [Change 00174480] (2.69)
  • Fixed Picklist value is too long for the max size of 255 error incorrectly displaying in some cases when clicking Save and Continue on the Add Questions step of the Survey Builder. [Change 00177807] (3.14)
  • Fixed issue in Internet Explorer where the page would load without any questions with the new landing page. [Change 00177853] (3.14)
  • Fixed an issue where date and date-time fields would not pass from the record tied to the survey to the survey record [Change 00178202] (3.16)
  • Simple Survey Insights will no longer display an error message if the "Restrict Access to @AuraEnabled Apex Methods for Authenticated Users Based on User Profile" critical update has been enabled. [Change 00179015] (3.17)
  • Administrators of Orgs containing a large number of objects should no longer encounter an Apex CPU Time Limit exceeded error when selection an option from "Survey From Object" in the Survey Builder. [Change 00178850] (3.18)
  • Fixed issue where duplicate survey submissions were being accepted when utilizing the new landing page styles. [Change 00179993] (3.19)
  • Fixed issue where the landing page didn't display the initial score selected if no additional questions were asked [Change 00180025] (3.20)

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