Simple Survey Release Notes 3.21 - 3.53

What's New

  • Simple Survey now supports Skip Logic to create surveys with conditional logic that bypasses future questions based upon the response to the one being viewed. This feature allows respondents to only view the questions that apply to them keeping surveys short, personalized and increasing response rates overall. [Change 00182091] (3.29 - 3.31)
  • Simple Survey now supports reCAPTCHA version 3, helping to determine whether a survey response was submitted by a human. [Change 00180424] (3.21-3.24)
    • When enabled, a new field on Survey labeled Human Confidence Score, will be populated with a value between 0 and 1.
    • Scores closer to 1 indicate the likelihood of a human survey response, while scores closer to 0 indicate the likelihood of a bot/email scanner submitting a survey response.
    • This field can be added as a filter inside of survey reports, filtering out surveys which indicate a low Human Confidence Score.
  • Surveys using the two recent design themes (Light & Dark) can now choose custom Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down images for Thumbs Up/Down surveys as well as a Selected Star and Unselected Star for CSAT (1-5) surveys. [Change 00177282] (3.26)
    • Preset images are also available for both of these survey types.
  • In the Survey Builder, surveys using the two recent design themes can select images from any Document folder. New Documents can also be uploaded to those folders directly from the Survey Builder.[Change 00180886] (3.26)
  • Skip Logic questions using Picklist fields can now use "Contains" and "Does Not Contain", allowing for multiple Picklist values to be selected [Change 00184956] (3.38)
  • Surveys can now accept "blank" scores. If a score is not provided to a survey, the score becomes a required question at the start of the survey [Change 00185688] (3.42)


  • Users with the "Modify Metadata Through Metadata API Functions" permission will be able to create surveys through the Survey Builder. [Change 00180913] (3.21)
    • These users will also require API Enabled, Customize Application, and Manage Profiles and Permission Sets permissions.
    • More information on this can be found in our documentation here.
  • Custom Labels are now available for all text on landing pages allowing for better translation capabilities [Change 00181835] (3.26)
  • The "Prevent Duplicates" setting is now Survey specific. Different times can be set on different survey types. [Change 00182626] (3.27)
  • The "Privacy Disclaimer" settings are no longer dependent on having "Capture Partial Responses" enabled. [Change 00182892] (3.30)
  • Landing pages now display the symbol for currency questions based on Corporate Currency and Site Guest User's locale. [Change 00183448] (3.30)
  • In Simple Survey Setup, you can now created your Simple Survey Site through one button click without having to leave the page. [Change 00182888] (3.31)
  • The Simple Survey Site Guest User permission set has been updated to remove update access to Surveys to comply with the Winter 21 release requirements and the Classic Survey landing page no longer requires update access [Change 00188713] (3.51).
  • The newer Simple Survey landing page (Eclipse Surveys) now supports loading pre-created surveys via the Id URL parameter. [Change 00188959] (3.51)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed issue where old style surveys would not be able to advance in the Survey Builder after selecting the survey [Change 00181309] (3.22)
  • The Simple Survey app will no longer be assigned to the Site Guest User, preventing issues with assigning the required license and permission set. [Change 00181302] (3.22)
  • Fixed issue where attempting to respond on a Questionnaire style survey would result in a Null Pointer Exception error. [Change 00181472] (3.25)
  • Fixed issue with default images not appearing on landing pages if the user did not have the Simple Survey custom setting set in their profile's/permission sets' Custom Setting Definitions [Change 00181890] (3.26)
  • Fixed an issue in the Survey Builder where using a Survey with the old landing page style would display the email template live preview on the Create Email Template tab. This also resulted in email templates that would place elements in the wrong order [Change 00182263] (3.26)
  • Fixed an issue in Lightning and Service consoles where the  "Simple Survey Setup" button in the Survey Builder was unresponsive. [Change 00177282] (3.26)
  • Fixed an issue that would allow duplicate surveys to be created, even if duplicate prevention is on for that survey record type, if reCAPTCHA is enabled.  [Change 00182733] (3.28)
  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar of the Survey Builder's header would appear to undo progress until the page was refreshed [Change 00183450] (3.30)
  • Fixed an issue where the Setup Wizard would not load for orgs that still had "Legacy Configurations" [Change 00183743] (3.33)
  • Fixed an issue where a greeting greater than 750 characters would prevent the email template from being generated [Change 00184182] (3.34)
  • Fixed an issue for surveys using the dark theme without a background color or image where the text that appears for duplicate surveys and errors would be invisible since it would be the same color as the background. [Change 00184921] (3.37)
  • Resolved an issue that would cause duplicate detection logic not to run on surveys built outside of the Survey Builder. [Change 00186267] (3.40)
  • Fixed error with post install script on a fresh install to a new org [Change 00186410] (3.43)
  • Fixed issue in Survey Builder where skip logic could not be used for questions that use picklist value sets [Change 00186682] (3.44)
  • Fixed an issue where Simple Survey Insights would fail to load the Survey Score question [Change 00186940] (3.46)
  • Fixed an issue where ReCaptcha would fail to properly record Human Confidence scores due to a JS error [Change 00186873] (3.46)
  • Fixed an issue where users were able to submit surveys without filling in a score. [Change 00187337] (3.48)
  • Fixed an issue where mobile surveys still displayed the arrow icons when using null score logic. [Change 00188073] (3.49)
  • Fixed an issue where Questionnaire surveys prevented users from navigating to the next question. [Change 00188073] (3.49)
  • Fixed an issue where default stars images would not appear on Classic Simple Survey landing pages. [Change 00188380] (3.50) 
  • Fixed the "'PARENTGROUPVAL()'. Expected 2, received 3" issue with the "Net Promoter Score Report" [Change 00188863] (3.51)
  • Fixed if an issue where if a survey taker provided a score of 0 on the rating question, the next button would not appear right away. [Change 00188904] (3.51)
  • Fixed a error when using the Id survey URL parameter on Eclipse surveys. [Change 00189293] (3.52)
  • Fixed an issue on the Survey Builder where the navigation tabs would not display properly [Change 00189336] (3.53)
  • Fixed an issue with Simple Survey Insights where a questions without responses would cause any drilling to load indefinitely [Change 00189336] (3.53)

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