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Simple Survey Release Notes 3.54 - 3.59

What's New


  • Invalid email addresses for email questions now display an error after the user answers the question rather than after the user submits (3.55) [Change 00190714]
  • Better handling for CRUD permissions throughout the app. [Change 00193437] (3.56)
  • Null Score rating questions are now considered when determining the first unanswered question when loading an existing survey. [Change 00193971] (3.58)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue in the Survey Builder where skip logic for picklist questions would appear to default to "--Select--" even if a value was chosen. [Change 00191395] (3.54)
  • Fixed DateTime formatting issues on Survey Insights. [Change 00189577] (3.54)
  • Fixed issues related to the new Chrome release version. Replaced "Clear Responses" confirm() with a modal on the Classic Survey landing page. [Change 00193895] (3.57)
  • Fixed an issue where the Upload buttons in Survey Builder were disabled when they shouldn't be. [Change 00194102] (3.58)
  • Fixed issue introduced with CRUD checks where background images for landing pages would not load. [Change 00194589] (3.59)

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