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Sorry, an error occurred Landing Page error


When selecting an initial rating or clicking "Take our Survey" within a survey email, the Landing Page loads with the following error message, "Sorry, an error occurred."

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The response is also not recorded in Salesforce.


Simple Survey captures feedback data related to standard objects and fields, such as Account, Case, Contact, and User records, or other custom object relationships.

In most instances, the "Sorry, an error occurred." error message is caused by the Simple Survey Site Guest User (the creator of Survey records) lacking sufficient access to records associated with the Survey response.
We recommend you make sure the Survey Site Guest User has the correct Permission Set assigned.

The packaged permission sets are:

Simple Survey Read-Only
  • Assign this permission set to end-users (such as Case Owners).
  • This permission set includes Read access to the Survey object and all packaged fields.
Simple Survey Site Guest User
  • Assign this permission set to the Simple Survey Site Guest User (required in setup).
  • This permission set includes full access (Create, Read, Update, Delete) to the Survey object and all packaged fields.
Simple Survey Administrator
  • Assign this permission set to the System Administrator who will be configuring the application, creating/managing survey templates, and managing survey data.
  • This permission set includes access to the Setup Wizard, Survey Builder, and Simple Survey Insights for reporting.

Other instances of this error could be caused by:
  • A specific field under the Survey Object being marked as required. This should be done at the Survey Builder level, and not at the Object level.
  • The Default Web Address in the Setup Wizard does not match the link. They need to be matching. We often see in a Sandbox, where the Setup Wizard points to Production.

If you're still getting the error, please open a Case with Internet Creations Support. We will need login access and steps to reproduce to further diagnose what is going on.


Additional Information

While mostly encountered due to the Sharing and Security configuration, the "Sorry, an error occurred" error is used for all issues encountered with survey submission.

If the "Default Sharing and Security" option is selected and you continue to encounter a "Sorry, an error occurred" error message, please open a case with Internet Creations support for further troubleshooting assistance.


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