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Sorry, an error occurred Survey Landing Page error


An error message, "Sorry, an error occurred," will appear on the landing page after providing an initial rating, and the survey will not be recorded in Salesforce.

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Please select from the following options in order to resolve this error.

Option 1: Enable the "Bypass Sharing and Security" option in the Simple Survey Setup Wizard (recommended)

This allows the Simple Survey Site Guest User to access related records and associate them with the survey object. Related records could include Case, Account, Contact, User, and any other custom objects which you are expecting to be tied back to the Survey response.

Enabling this option does NOT open survey record access to end users who would otherwise not have access, and does NOT allow updates to records other than the survey.

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Option 2: Create Read-Only Sharing Rules for the Simple Survey Site Guest User.
Sharing Rules represent the exceptions to your Organization-Wide Default (OWD) settings. If you have OWD settings of Private or a particular Object set to private, you can define rules that give additional users access to records they do not own. 

For Simple Survey users, Sharing Rules would be required on the Case, Account, User, and any other custom objects tied to the Survey response.

Set Up a Public Group for Simple Survey:
  1. Navigate to Setup | Users | Public Groups
  2. Click New and set the Label to "Simple Survey"
  3. Ensure the "Grant Access Using Hierarchies" check box is left checked.
  4. Select Users from the Search menu
  5. Add the Simple Survey Site Guest User as a Selected Member, and click Save

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Create the Sharing Rules:
  1. Navigate to Setup | Security | Sharing Settings
  2. Scroll down to Account Sharing Rules and click "New"
  3. Set the Label as "Share with Site Guest User
  4. Select the Rule Type "Based on record owner"
  5. Select the Public Group "All Internal Users"
  6. Select the Public Group you created for the Simple Survey Site Guest User
  7. Give Read Only access for Default Account, Contract and Asset Access, leave Opportunity Access Private and grant Read Only access to Case.

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Ensure the OWD for the Contact object is set to Controlled by Parent. From there, access to the Contact will be determined by access to the Account.

Additional Sharing Rules may be needed if survey records are associated with other / custom objects (e.g. Project, Asset, etc.).

If you're continuing to encounter the Landing Page error message after following the instructions outlined above, try creating individual Sharing Rules for any object tied to Surveys (e.g. Case, Account, Opportunity, Project, etc.).

Please note, instructions on configuring custom sharing rules are provided as-is. Internet Creations support is unable to provide assistance with the configuration of custom sharing rules. If enabling the recommended "Bypass Sharing and Security" checkbox resolves the error, the case will be considered resolved.

Further customization can be performed by your Salesforce Administrator, Consulting Partner, or Internet Creations on a professional services basis. If interested, please send an email to


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