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Surveying Internal Salesforce Users with Simple Survey


You are using Simple Survey and would like to survey internal Salesforce Users in your Org. This survey will be sent manually as part of an annual or quarterly process.


Please follow the steps outlined below for surveying internal Salesforce Users.

Step 1: Create User lookup field on the Survey object.

1. Navigate to Setup | Build | Create | Objects, and select the Survey object.
2. Under "Custom Fields & Relationships" click the New button.
3. Select Lookup Relationship as the field type and click Next.
4. Select User and the Related To object and click Next.
5. Specify a name for your new field (such as "User") and click Next.
6. Complete the remaining steps on Field Level Security and Page Layouts.

Step 2: Create a new survey template in the Survey Builder:

1. Navigate to the Survey Builder tab.
2. Using the "Create New" option, specify a name for your survey, and select the Survey Type. Press Create to proceed to the next step.
3. For "Configure the Survey Object", select "User" as the Survey From Object.
4. Under Field Assignment, configure the "User" field on Survey to equal "Receiving User Id" on User.

  • In most instances, the other fields available for mapping won't be important so you can choose the "--None--" option for those.

User-added image

5. Click Save and Continue, and proceed with the remaining steps to customize your survey.

Step 3: Sending the survey via the Mass Email Users 

1. Navigate to Setup | Administer | Manage Users | Mass Email Users.
2. From here, use an existing list view or create a new one to build a list of Users you're looking to survey. Once that list is solidified, click Next.
3. For Template Selection, choose the Simple Survey folder and then select the new template you built in the prior steps. Then, click Next.
4. Lastly, provide a name for your Mass Email, schedule a time for it to be sent and click Send.

When the survey recipient responds, the survey record in Salesforce will show which specific user had submitted the response.

User-added image



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