Surveying multiple Contacts from the same event/object/incident


You would like to send a survey to multiple contacts related to a single record. For example, you would like to survey 3 Contacts related to a Project.


To do this, you will need 3 custom lookup fields on the Project Record which reference the Contact records. 

You will need to use the Survey Builder to create 3 different templates which can all be sent simultaneously from the same automation when the triggering event has occurred. For example, you could use a single workflow rule which sends 3 email alerts, each of which would use the 3 different email templates.

In the Survey Builder, you would need to create the first template by assigning the Survey Contact field with the value of the Project Contact 1 field, and you would also need to make sure the Contact merge fields in the Email Template Text on the last page of the Survey Builder reference the Project Contact 1 field.

For the subsequent templates, you can use the same survey in the Survey Builder, but you will need to change the object mapping so the Survey Contact field = Project Contact 2, and change the text merge fields to reference the same fields. 

This will be required to make sure you can see the correct salutation on the outbound survey email, and make sure the responses are attributed to the individual recipient, and not just the primary Contact.

This method does not work for an unspecified number of related Contacts. You will need a different template for each contact and will not be able to simply send surveys to 'all' related contacts as they need a specific custom field for each contact to be included.

Please note: This KB article is provided as-is and customization using local automation is not supported. For further assistance, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Internet Creations Account Executive to inquire about professional services. 


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