Switching from the Case Feed Extension Package


In previous versions of Email to Case Premium, organizations using Case Feed were prompted to install an extension package on the first step of the Setup Wizard. Starting in version 4.37, Vicasso moved the Case Feed component to the main package. The previous Case Feed extension package will continue to work for current users, however, it will no longer be maintained or supported. This article explains how to switch from the Feed Extension components to the components contained in the main package.


Step 1 - Upgrade to version 4.37 of E2CP or newer.

Upgrades can be performed by visiting the respective AppExchange listing, clicking Get It Now and following the prompts just like a fresh installation. The AppExchange will detect a currently installed version and associate it with your existing license.

For more information and FAQ, visit the following knowledge article.

Step 2 - Adjust your Case Page Layouts to utilize the Answer Customer action within the main E2CP package.

For a brief instructional video, please visit the following link.

1. Navigate to Setup > Customize > Cases > Page Layouts.
2. Select Edit next to each case page layout currently using the Answer Customer action.
3. Select Quick Actions from the top left panel of the edit menu.
4. Drag / Drop the Answer Customer action with API Name "Case.E2CP_Answer_Customer" (hover to see the Name) into the Quick Actions section on your page layout. (See screenshot below)
5. Remove the Answer Customer action associated with the feed extension package from your page layout.

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