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Take Ownership Release Notes 1.58 - 1.66

What's New

  • The Take Ownership button is now available as a Lightning Component Quick Action, allowing for faster performance inside of Lightning Experience. [Change 00178263] (1.60-1.61)
    • The Lightning Component included in this Quick Action is object agnostic, and can be used inside of Quick Actions on other objects (i.e. Account, Project, etc.).


  • Console navigation has been improved for both classic and lightning experiences to ensure that tabs are correctly opened, refreshed, and closed as needed. [Change 00171143] (1.58-1.59)
  • Added digital experience support. [Change 00194218] (1.64)
  • Enabled CSRF protection. [Change 00194385] (1.65)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed broken link on the post-installation setup screen. [Change 00194404] (1.66)

Known Issues


Take Ownership


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