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Template Auto-Selection Rules (Outbound Email Template Pairing)


Organizations often have multiple departments and may want to use different wording in different email autoresponders. For example, you may want your support department to use a different message than other departmental notifications. Separate templates can be custom created or cloned from our existing templates. Email to Case Premium allows different email templates to be used depending on what the Origin and/or Status is. If your support department utilizes canned messages based upon a specific status, this knowledge article pertains to you.


1. Ensure your Inbound Configuration is matching your inbound email addresses to corresponding origins.
2. On our Outbound Configuration screen, at the bottom you'll see one line for Template Auto-Selection Rules. Add additional lines as needed using the Add Row button. Match your associated Status and/or Origin to the corresponding Template. You can change the firing order using the Order selector at the right.
3. At any time before clicking Save/Send from our New Comment page, you can manually change the template auto-selected using the picklist at the bottom.
  • Template Auto-Selection Rules are only applicable to Public Comments. All Private Comment emails will be sent using the single template defined in the "Private Comment Template" setting.
  • Either Status or Origin may be left blank and the feature will still work properly.
  • It is important that your Outbound Configuration matches your inbound email addresses to corresponding Origins, Priorities & Record Types. 
    • For example, if a customer sends an email to, they will be expecting to receive a response from the same address.
    • In this instance, you would want to configure as an incoming address on the Inbound Configuration page and specify an Origin, Priority & Record Type
    • If you're setting the Origin with a value such as "Support", you can then reference this on the Outbound Configuration page to determine what the From Address should be. In this instance, you would want the Outbound Configuration to use support@neatwidgets as the From Address if the Origin of the case equals "Support".


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