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The Order of Execution - New Comment page


Email to Case Premium works with automation you set up outside of the application in Salesforce, like Apex Triggers, Workflow and Validation Rules. With any automation, order and timing are important to understand. This information is recommended for seasoned Salesforce Administrators and Developers.


The order of execution on the New Comment page is as follows. 
  1. Case is updated with field values in the New Comment field set to allow for validation rules to run before additional work is done. If a validation error is encountered, no additional steps are taken and an error is returned.
  2. Case Comment is inserted.
  3. Case is updated again so that the new Case Comment is included in the E2CP Most Recent Public (or Private) Comment fields and E2CP History Text field(s).
  4. Send Email (if selected).
  5. Redirect to New Comment Action (if applicable).
Salesforce automation is also processed after each step above. We recommend that you also familiarize yourself with: In what order are automation rules and Apex triggers processed?


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