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Trialing an Internet Creations AppExchange Application


You are interested in Internet Creations' AppExchange application, and are deciding on the best way to test prior to purchase.


Internet Creations' applications are available to install through the Salesforce AppExchange. From the product listing page, click the "Get It Now" button to install. You will be prompted to choose the environment you'd like to install into, either Production or Sandbox.
  • Installs of an Internet Creations application into a Production Org start with a 14-day trial. If the application has not been purchased, the licenses will expire at the end of the trial period.
    • Please review the following knowledge article for how to assign licenses to end users during your trial period.
  • Installs of an Internet Creations application into a Sandbox Org (recommended) will never expire, unless the application is uninstalled. Working in a sandbox is a recommended path for testing an application prior to purchase to allow for the most flexibility.
    • If installed into a Sandbox, all users by default will be assigned an application license.

For additional details regarding the required setup of the application you're testing, please review our documentation.


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