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Troubleshooting Forward to Case


An email forwarded to Email to Case Premium with the Forward to Case marker prepended on the subject line did not produce a case with the original sender of the forwarded message as the contact.


  • Ensure that Forward to Case is enabled at the bottom of the Inbound Configuration page.
  • Verify that you are forwarding from an Internal Domain that is specified on the General tab. 
  • Check that related email message's subject begins with the Forward to Case Marker.
  • E2CP will detect the original sender only if the forwarded message's From line begins with one of the below formats:
    • From: Name []
    • From:
    • From: Name <>
    • From: Name <<>>
    • > From:
    • > From: Name <>
  • Note that Microsoft Outlook does not include the email address in the From line for internal users, which will prevent Forward to Case from functioning correctly when attempting to open cases for coworkers.


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