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Update Owner of Child Cases to the Owner of the Parent Case


You are using Case Merge Premium, and would like to update the owner of Child Cases involved in a merge operation to match the owner of the Parent Case.


This can be accomplished using Process Builder. Please review the steps outlined below.

1. Navigate to Setup | Build | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Process Builder.
2. Click New, provide your new process with a name (e.g. Update Owner Field on Merged Cases) and click Save. Optionally, specify a description.
3. For "This process starts when", select the "A record changes" option and click Save.

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4. Click the Add Object rectangle, and select Case as the object the process with start from.
5. For Start the process, select "when a record is created or edited" and click Save.

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6. Proceed to the next step to Add Criteria and provide a name for your criteria (e.g. Check if Case was merged).
7. For Criteria for Executing Actions, select the "Conditions are met" bubble, and set the following conditions:

  • Field: [Case].ParentId
  • Operator: Is Null
  • Type: Boolean
  • Value: False
  • Field: [Case].Status
  • Operator: Equals
  • Type: Picklist
  • Value: Close as Duplicate

8. For Conditions, select the "All of the conditions are met (AND)" and click Save.

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9. Under Immediate Actions, click the Add Action option.
10. Select "Update Records" as the Action Type and provide a name for your action (e.g. Set Owner to Parent Case Owner).
11. For Record Type, choose the bubble "Select the Case Record that started your process".
12. For Criteria for Updating Records, select "No criteria - just update the records!" and configure the following new field value:
  • Field: Owner Id
  • Type: Field Reference
  • Value: [Case].Parent.OwnerId
13. Click Activate to successfully activate your rule.

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Please note, this KB article is provided as-is and customization using Process Builder is not supported under the scope of support provided with the Case Merge Premium application. For further assistance, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Internet Creations Account Executive to inquire about professional services.


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