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Update Survey Owner to Case Owner


By default, the owner for survey records will be the Simple Survey Site Guest User. Depending on your reporting requirements, you might consider updating the Owner of these survey records to be the Case Owner (or the owner of the record that was surveyed). One way to accomplish this is with the Process Builder. The steps for this process are outlined below.


Please follow the steps below for building out the process. 
Note: Before creating this process, please ensure that you're already capturing a value on Survey Records for the simplesurvey__Record_Owner__c field. This represents the owner of the record being surveyed. Eg. Case, Opportunity.

1. Open the Process Builder within Salesforce.
2. Click New at the top right of your screen, specify a Name / Optional Description for your new process, and click Save.
3. Click Add Object and select "Survey", and click Save.

5. Next, click Add Criteria, and provide a name for the criteria.
6. Under "Criteria for Executing Actions" select "No criteria - just execute the actions!", and click save.

7. Click Add Action under Immediate Actions. 
8. Select Update Records under Action, and provide an Action name.

9. Click the magnifying glass next to "Select a record to update".
10.Then, click the link labeled "simplesurvey_Survey_c" and click save.

11. Under "Set new field values for the records you update", select "Owner Id" for the field.
12. Next, select "Reference" under Type.
13. Then, select "Find a field" and choose the "simplesurvey__Record_Owner__c" field under "simplesurvey_Survey_c".

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14. Lastly, click save and then select activate to successfully activate your new process.


Note: You can also adjust this process so that the Account Owner of the record being surveyed becomes the owner of new Survey records. Instead of updating the Owner ID to "simplesurvey__Record_Owner__c", you would simply select "Account" and then "Owner ID". For this, you will need to ensure that a value is already being captured for simplesurvey__Account__c.

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Please note, this KB article is provided as-is and customization using the Process Builder is not supported under the scope of support provided with the Simple Survey application. For further assistance, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Internet Creations Account Executive to inquire about professional services.


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