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Using Send Email (emailauthor.jsp) To Get Around Low Single Email Limits


You receive the following error when adding a new comment and sending an email.  The comment is added but the email is not sent.
Sending e-mail with new comment failed: SendEmail failed. First exception on row 0; first error: SINGLE_EMAIL_LIMIT_EXCEEDED, null: []


  • This option will only work in Salesforce organizations that can use the Save = True parameter, which is generally not available to organizations created after 2009/2010.
    • See this forum post for details. (Requires Login)
    • You may be able to get this option enabled by submitting a Salesforce support case and requesting "AutoSave by URL" be enabled.
  • When including an attachment in an outbound email, the standard send method will be automatically be used, which will count against your Single Email limit. In most organizations, only a small percentage of outbound emails include attachments and therefore this should still have a significant impact on mitigating the Single Email limit.
  • Emails sent using the optional Email Distribution feature always count against your organization's Single Email limit.
  • This option is not compatible with New Comment action buttons.
  • Activity records will be created for emails sent through emailauthor.jsp because that is standard behavior when using the Send an Email function. When an attachment is included, emailauthor.jsp is not used and an Activity record is not created.
To enable this option, open a case with Internet Creations by emailing and grant login access to your production organization.


These are known platform limits that are difficult to work around.

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