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What are the best practices for setting duplicate criteria?


You are using Case Merge Premium and are curious in regards to best practices for your default duplicate criteria.


Case Merge Premium allows for administrators to define organization-wide duplicate criteria.

Upon install, the default criteria we package is as follows:
  • Subject Conversation - Contains - Use Case Value.
  • Closed - Equals - False.
When loading a case record on your screen, a search will run looking for other open cases with a similar subject line.

In most cases, the default criteria is sufficient and does not need to be altered. However, if you're noticing that too many potential duplicates are being returned by the search (the yellow highlighted field), please consider the following:
  • Adjust the first line of criteria to Subject Conversation - Equals - Use Case Value.
  • Add additional lines of criteria, such as forcing the Account Id or Contact Id to match for another case to be considered a true duplicate.


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