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What happens if my license expires?


You are using an Internet Creations AppExchange Application, and would like to know the impact of an expired license.


Per Salesforce, Once the license for a managed package has expired, users in the org will no longer have access to records, data, or components of the package in the subscriber organization. Make a plan to backup or export any data needed from the managed components prior to the package expiration.  If the package has already expired, work with the Partner that created the package to extend at least once license within the package and allow you to backup the data.

Below are common reasons why a license may expire, the impact, and special handling procedures.

1. You have a free trial of an Internet Creations application installed in a Production Org and have not purchased within the 14-day free trial period.
  • Consider installing the application into a Sandbox environment to allow for additional testing time; Sandboxes do not have an expiration time for managed packages.
  • If your organization requires continued testing in your Production Org after the initial 14-day period, please contact your Internet Creations Account Executive to request an extension.

2. You are an existing customer, and have chosen not to renew the application(s).

Please follow the steps outlined below prior to expiration.

1. Backup any critical data related to the managed package
  • For example, if you're a Simple Survey customer, you'll want to back up records on the Survey object.
  • Consider using the Salesforce Dataloader (or equivalent ETL tool) for exporting the data.
  • This data can either be saved outside of Salesforce or re-uploaded to another object local to your Salesforce Org.
2. Remove references to the application(s) from your page layouts and automation
  • Components such as Fields, Visualforce pages, and Lightning Components will no longer be available to view once a license expires.
  • Automation such as Workflow or Process Builder, which references packaged components, may break and disrupt your normal business processes.
    • For example, Case Flags customers will want to deactivate/adjust any automation updating Case Flags fields on the Case object.
    • Failure to do so may result in MAJOR issues, such as not being able to create or edit Cases.

3. Uninstall the application(s)
  • Please review the following knowledge article for specific instructions on uninstalling an AppExchange application.
  • In the event you haven't removed all references to the managed package (Step 2 above), the uninstall process will provide guidance on specific items that were missed.

Additional Considerations
  • Once a license has expired, it should be expected that ALL of the application's functionality is no longer available for use.
  • In the event your license has already expired, and you would like a temporary extension to proceed with the backup/uninstall process, please contact your Internet Creations Account Executive or open a support case to request an extension.
  • Internet Creations is unable to provide support for issues/errors caused by expired licenses. If reactivating the license or uninstalling the application resolves the problem, the case will be considered resolved.


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