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What is a Product Implementation Review?


We want our customers to get the most value from our products and services. To that end, our paid AppExchange customers are entitled to a Product Implementation Review. During this review, a member of our team will review the configuration of our applications in your Salesforce environment, review your use case to suggest best practices, identify settings that may need adjustment, highlight features of the products that may impact overall productivity, and discuss new and upcoming features of the products.


Who should attend the Product Implementation Review?

These sessions are a mix of technical and practical information. To that end, we recommend that both the Salesforce admin for your business and the department stakeholders attend this review. Admins will be able to ask questions about specific ways to configure the product and stakeholders will get ideas on how to get more value and productivity from their team’s use of the products.

What is required to perform a Product Implementation Review?

In order to assess the configuration of the application, we request login access to your production environment. We request access in advance of the review so we can properly assess the configuration and prepare our recommendations. That said, many customers have change management controls or security policies that prohibit giving access to a production environment. We can review your configuration in a sandbox environment or in some cases, we can review in real-time using screen sharing. 

When is the Product Implementation Review performed?

The perfect time to perform this review is after you have first implemented the product and have been using the product with your team for about 90 days. Another good time is when you are making changes to your business process (or planning these changes) that might benefit from features of the product.


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