Why are surveys coming back missing Account / Contact / Case information?



Simple Survey relies on a set of special URL parameters in order to tie survey responses back to the record they were sent off of.

For example, if you wanted to survey off of Cases, you would need to select the Case object on the Configure Survey Object step of the Survey Builder.

If the Case object is selected, the URL parameters in the template created will look similar to the following:

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In the URL parameters shown above, you will notice that:
  • simplesurvey__Case__c = {!Case.Id}
  • simplesurvey__Account__c={!Case.AccountId}
  • simplesurvey__Contact__c={!Case.ContactId}
  • simplesurvey__Record_Owner__c={!Case.OwnerId}
The field shown on the left side represents the field on the Survey object, while the field on the right represents the field on the Case record. In this particular instance, we are capturing the following items on each survey record:
  • Case Number
  • Account associated with the Case
  • Contact associated with the Case
  • Case Owner

If you are noticing that survey results are missing critical information such as the Account / Contact / Case number, it's possible that surveys are being sent off of an object that differs from what was selected in the Survey Builder.

For example, if you built a survey to be sent off of the Case object, but surveys are actually being sent off of a change made to Contact records, responses to these surveys will show the Account & Contact fields as blank. This is because the survey template was configured to capture information specific to a Case, but there is no Case in this particular instance.

Note: Parameters within the survey email will be pre-populated with the ID's of the Account, Contact, Case Number, etc. at the time the survey is sent out. If the original recipient of the survey forwards the email to another colleague who in turn actually takes the survey, the Survey record created back in Salesforce will still be populated with the information matching the original recipient.


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