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Why do my Flag Images display broken?


You are using Case Flags, and notice a broken image in the Flag / Flag (BH) field.

User-added image


This issue likely stems from one of the following items:

1. The Case Flags setup wizard has not yet been saved.
Please navigate to the Case Flags setup wizard in your Salesforce Organization and click the Save button either on the top or bottom of the page to see if this resolves the issue. You may need to refresh the page for the case record(s) you were previously viewing to observe the fix.

2. The affected user doesn't have access to the Documents object.
Access to this object can be provided through the user's profile or to the user directly through a permission set.

3. Your organization has just performed a Sandbox refresh.
Please see the linked documentation above for information on how to restore these images.

4. A blocked browser cookie is preventing the flag image from displaying.
This is likely the root cause if the issue is not experienced on other browsers or computers. Solve for this by clearing your browser cookies and cache.


Additional Information

If you're continuing to experience broken flag images after ruling out the above-mentioned items, please contact for additional support.


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