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Workflow Extension for Email to Case Premium


Workflow allows for greater customization to standard Salesforce functionality. As such, we've included several examples of Comment handling workflow examples for internal and external use.


Installation Address:
Detail: Installing the package places the below Workflow components into their respective types:
Notify Case Owner of Private Comment (Part 1) (Case Comment Object)
Notify Case Owner of Private Comment (Part 2) (Case Object)
New Case Via Email to Case Premium
New Case Comment (Part 1) (Case Comment Object)
New Case Comment (Part 2) (Case Object)
Field Updates:
Copy Private Comment to Case
Copy Comment to Case
Email Alerts:
Notify Case Owner and Team Members of New Comment
Notify Case Owner of New Private Comment
Send New Case Email Acknowledgement

Please note, customization using Workflow Rules and triggers are not supported by Internet Creations.  However, customization by Internet Creations is available on a professional services basis. If interested, please send an email to  


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